Auf dieser Seite sehen Sie einige Portraits von Schülern der Kishumunduschule in Tansania.
Mary Haule
My name is Mary Haule. I'm from Arusha. I am fourteen years old. In our family I am the first born. I have one brother and one sister younger than me. We live a happy life.
In my school we have a good relationship to other schools. According to me a am performing well in my subjects. I share ideas with my teachers and my fellow students in my school and those who are not in my school. Kishumundu Secondary School has good teachers and they teach well, so that we students understand.
My interests are dancing and playing football, a little bit playing netball, but mostly I like to dance and to play football.
My dream is to be a pilot so I can fly an aeroplane to reach Germany and see my partner school, as the way you come to visit us. And I wish the partnership between Kishumundu and your school to not be separated by anything.
Dorcas Joachim Kimathy 
I'm Dorcas Joachim Kimathy, a Form 1 student at Kishumundu Secondary School. I am 14 years old. I live with my parents and my elder brother and my elder sister and also I have my young brother.
The life at my school is good.
I'm interested in music, movies and not forgetting chatting with my friends and playing piano and games.
My dream is to be a doctor.



Jackline A. Maiga
I am Jackline A. Maiga. I am 14 years old. I am in Form three at Kishumundu Secondary School.
I live with both parents. We are four in our family and I am the second child. The first child is my brother and I have two younger sisters.
I like watching movies and also reading story books.
I am dreaming of becoming a good specialized doctor because I like helping sick people.


Irene P. Mushi 
My name is Irene P. Mushi. I am 15 years old. I am the only girl in my family. I have three brothers, the first one is Emanuel, the second is Pastory and the third one is Jofrey. My mother is Joyce Musacha and my father is Piuss Mushi.
I am from Mabogon, a village in Moshi Kilimanjaro.
I am in Form Two at Kishumundu Secondary School. In my school I like the environment which surrounds our school.
I like to dance to music and to play games and to share things which are good with my friends.
In my future I want to be a teacher because I like to teach the students in my class like me.
When I am in the class I like to be like she/ he who teaches me.
Then I want to be a good mother in my family and to have a good life, I think that and you, you like to live in a good life like me.
Then I will get a job to do and to get the money for satisfying my life.
I will like to help the orphans and to help my family and to study hard and to live like a queen.
My best country - Germany
My best dress - skin jeans and top
My best food - Chips
My best drink - Alvaro
My best subject - History
Okay, bye! I wish you all the best. I like Germany!
Jackline Alex Kiwara
My name is Jackline Alex Kiwara.
I'm fifteens years old.
I'm the first born in our family.
My mother died in 2009. I was living with my grandmother before the death of my mother because I didn't know where my father is and also my mother didn't have the ability to provide me with my needs. Up to now I'm living with my grandmother and grandfather because I didn't have parents.
I' m in Form three at Kishumundu Secondary School. I like studying very much.
I'm interested in dancing, listening to music, watching movies and cartoons and also singing.
My dream is to become a doctor.


Maemba B. Manyama
My Name is Maemba B. Manyama. I am in Form 3 at Kishumundu Secondary School.
I am 17 years old. I am the first born in my family, I have one young sister.
In my school we begin our studies at 8:00 a.m. and end up at 3:10 p.m. I'm more interested in mathematics, physics and chemistry and also in sports like football, volleyball, basketball and swimming. I also like to read some story books, plays and novels.
My dream in the future is to be the engineer of aeroplanes and my goal is to be a good footballer like Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo de Lima and Ashley Young. My best team in football in Euro Champions League is Real Madrid.
I wish one day I will be far from my country.
Rodiana Philemoni Mnyawi
My name is Rodiana Philemoni Mnyawi. I am fifteen years old.
We are five members in our family and I'm the third born. I'm studying at Kishumundu Secondary School in Form 1.
I have one brother and two sisters. My father is a driver and my mother is a farmer.
I am interested in music and reading books.
My plan is to be a famous doctor.


Vaileth Godifrey Minja
I am Vaileth Godifrey Minja. I am sixteen years old. I am in Form Three at Kishumundu Secondary School.
In our family we are four children: Two boys and two girls with our parents. Also we live with my grandmother.
The life at school is somehow fine.
Also I am interested in reading story books and also to play the piano. My dream is to become a pharmacist. Also if my dream comes true I will provide social services to the special groups like street children and orphans.
In my future I want to be a good mother with two children if God wishes.
My name is Vicky Bernad Temba or I can use the name Kiwara. I am 17 years old.
We are six in our family and I am the first born. My father's job is a registrer and my mother is a farmer. I have one brother and two young sisters.
I am living with my parents in Kishumundu Village. I am in Form Three.
I am interested in reading novels.
In my dreams I'd like to be a doctor, if god wishes.


Abdallah Seif Nyati
My name is Abdallah Seif Nyati. I am thirteen years old. I am in Form 1 at Kishumundu Secondary School.
My mother's name is Rose, she is 31 years old and my father's name is Seif, he is 32 years old.
I live in Arusha with my Mom. My school life is good and I am fine.
My future plan is to be a pilot and the subjects which I like are physics, geography and mathematics.

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